We are a freestanding birth center with easy access on the west side of Indianapolis. Our birth center offers a home-like environment with three beautiful birthing suites. Our nurse-midwives are experts in holistic care, unmedicated birth, waterbirth, and centering your family's needs and desires.

You deserve high quality, safe and individualized care.

We recognize that pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are normal, physiologic processes and our nurse-midwives are experts at supporting your family during this time!

Birth centers provide high quality, evidence-based care in a community setting. Families who choose birth centers report high levels of satisfaction with their experience. 



Client Testimonials


"I've had a fantastic experience with Sacred Roots. They kept me and my baby out of the hospital so that we could be together and go home soon after the birth. They have checked up on us at home and are always ready to help with questions and concerns even in the middle of the night. I would recommend to any low-risk mothers!"