Angela Lyttle, CNM

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at settling down. I drive my husband (who really likes to be settled) crazy. Before we get home from one vacation, I’m already planning the next one. I love real estate, and I’m continually looking at houses all over the city and country where we could move. I scare him, really. Opening a birth center was not a surprise to my husband– that has been part of our life plan from long before I became a midwife. The unknown was where the birth center would be located.

My work life has been in Indianapolis for the past eight years, and my family has been in Indianapolis for nearly three years. Honestly, if Indianapolis had a beach and a mountain, I think it might be the perfect place to live. I really like it here! But opening my birth center here?? Whoa. That is a whole new level of commitment. That would mean putting down ROOTS! I will not say that I came to the decision to open my birth center in Indianapolis immediately – it took some time and reflection to commit. So this decision to commit is half of the reason for Roots being part of the birth center name.

Another reason that Roots is part of the name is my love of trees and honoring the wise women who have come before me. My grandmothers played such an important role in loving me, believing in me, and teaching me. I associate the sassafras tree with my grandma Violet Banter. We used to walk to the woods behind her house and fields where there were sassafras trees. I continue to be fascinated by this tree and its different shaped leaves. My grandma Jo Mason had a poplar tulip tree in her yard. As a young child, when I discovered that this was the Indiana state tree, I felt like it was really special. So, I have always felt a connection between the poplar tulip tree and my Grandma Mason. And then my personal favorite tree has always been the Willow tree. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the beauty of this tree.

And lastly, roots of course indicate a new beginning, a new start, the family tree.

Honestly, I could have just named the birth center Roots, but that may sound and feel a little hard and harsh on its own. Adding Sacred to Roots had just the right sound and feel to me: The sacred feminine, sacred pregnancy, sacred birth, sacred family, and sacred trees.

The birth center is a place for the practice of midwifery where pregnancy, birth, and wellness care occurs. It is important that the center be seen not just as a place to give birth, but as a place where all women can find partners in their health and wellness care.

Thankfully, the day that Victoria and I solidified our partnership, when I introduced the name, Victoria’s response was “It’s perfect! I love it!” And Sacred Roots Midwifery was born.

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