Welcome to Angela Lyttle, CNM!

I cannot properly express how excited I am to officially welcome Angela Lyttle, CNM to Carmel Midwifery! Angela is an amazingly talented midwife with a generous spirit and humanitarian heart, and she is my dear friend.

We have been partners in crime for the last two years, starting with an innocent cup of coffee on her sunny back porch. She told me that day that she was going to bring a birth center back to Indianapolis. Her passion and presence moved and excited me. She is a pioneer for women’s health, for better birth. I am thrilled to be on the journey toward widening birth and health care options for women and their families with Angela.

Angela is a 2012 Frontier Nursing University graduate. She completed her undergraduate nursing degree at Indiana University-Purdue University in 2003. Since completing her master’s degree, Angela has worked for a hospital based midwifery practice providing care for an at-risk population in inner-city Indianapolis. Prior to midwifery, Angela worked as a labor and delivery and postpartum nurse for 8 years in both Fort Wayne and inner-city Indianapolis.

Angela is passionate about partnering with women for optimal health. Angela believes that when women are educated about their bodies and given the information that they need to make informed decisions, this optimizes the health of the woman and creates empowerment. Ultimately, when women are empowered, this elevates the well-being of their children, families, and communities.

Angela has an interest in integrative/functional medicine and continues to learn and grow in this area. She has a specific interest in food as medicine and food allergies.

Angela has been married to the love of her life for 18 years. They have three fantastic children together, and the last was born in a hospital with a midwife.

Welcome to Katelyn!

Many of you have met Katelyn White over the phone as she calls to confirm your appointments and answer your questions as you call in to the office. We are so excited to have Katelyn join our team. She has years of experience managing patient care offices and doing medical billing. As we prepare to transition our medical billing practices, Katelyn’s expertise is greatly appreciated! Katelyn also has a deep love for children and a passion for birth and families. Read Katelyn’s bio HERE

Gorgeous New Website

Can you believe how beautiful the new website is? We have been waiting anxiously on this new website and we are just stunned at the breathtaking photos. Two of our wonderful families generously gave us permission to use their birth and pregnancy photos. Spend sometime looking around and let us know what you think. Look for some more regular blog posts to appear. We are excited to share what’s been going on!

Updates Around the Office

March has been a busy month for us already! All. The. Babies. In. Indianapolis. have decided on March arrival dates! We are having a wonderful time welcoming new life into growing families.

We have also been busy rearranging the office and improving a few processes to enhance your prenatal, postpartum, and well woman care experiences. Current client can expect an email soon with updates on our new processes.

You will notice as you come in to the office that we have moved the prenatal room upstairs to the spacious classroom area. This makes space for our new reception area.

Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center

We have diligently continued to search for an appropriate space to house our Birth and Wellness Center. The search may be coming to a close as we have found two properties that we believe will work well. We are awaiting proposals and space planning. We hope to have exciting news in the next few weeks! Stay tuned.

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