Have you given birth in the last five years? Would you like to have your birth choices known and respected? Share your experiences with researchers who want to hear your unique voice.

Until now, US researchers have only studied the experience of childbirth among women who gave birth in a hospital and who mostly identify themselves as “non-Hispanic white”. In the Giving Voice to Mothers study, we hope to collect information from families of diverse backgrounds who have given birth in ALL settings: homes, hospitals and birth centers.

The goals of this study are:

  1. To learn about which maternity care options are most important to all types of pregnant families in the US;
  2. To understand experiences of maternity care in communities of color;
  3. To find out how families decide where to give birth and if place of birth affects their experiences;
  4. To describe the experience of making decisions during pregnancy and birth, including being heard and treated with respect;
  5. To learn about any differences among doctors, midwives, or consumers that may affect maternity care choices.
  6. To participate in this study please visit: www.voicesofmothers.org

Make your voice heard!

Survey is at https://survey.sogosurvey.com/survey.aspx?k=SsTVVSUsSWsPsPsP&lang=0&data=

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