Gorgeous linden blossoms are used to make a sweet, fragrant infusion.

What do you think about when you think about herbal medicine? Do you envision a tall, barefoot woman with flowing hair placing freshly picked herbs in a steaming cauldron? A mortar and pestle sitting on the counter? An unfamiliar, earthy scent filling the air?

What if I told you that herbal medicine is for everyone, including you–the modern woman?

Let’s replace the picture above with a new one.

An average mom is cooking dinner in her home in Indianapolis. Steaks are on the grill, potatoes and veggies are roasting. The electric kettle beeps and she pours one ounce of dried herbs from the big bag she got at Good Earth into a quart size mason jar, pours boiling water to the top, and screws on a lid. The next morning, she grabs a pasta strainer and a cloth napkin, strains the liquid, and drinks the nourishing herbal medicine she’d prepared in five minutes while she grilled steaks.

Herbal medicine really is as easy as buying some herbs, grabbing some mason jars, and boiling water. Tuesday we put up a detailed post about making nourishing herbal infusions for yourself, a modern mom looking for easy ways to add nutrition and value to your life. Stay tuned for more about Nourishing Herbal Infusions.

Want to go even deeper? Register for our upcoming Nourishing Herbal Infusions class held at Carmel Midwifery and Women’s Health on Saturday, April 30th at 2pm.

Call the office at (317) 437-3681 to register. Or email info@carmelmidwifery.com

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