Client Testimonial by Rachel Moorhead

I knew I wanted a home birth not long after my first daughter, Hannah, was born.

The more I thought about and replayed her delivery in my head, the more I realized it was not the experience that I was hoping for. Although nothing traumatic happened and I did get the natural birth that I wanted, it came at a cost. I never felt empowered or supported. Throughout my prenatal care as well as the delivery, I constantly felt like I was fighting for my desires and wishes to be heard and respected. I met with several different midwives during my care and I met the person that delivered Hannah about an hour before she was born. Because of a very long and exhausting labor, I do not remember much about Hannah being born. I just knew that if God blessed us with another little one that I wanted to do things differently.

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant again. After getting my husband on board, I made an appointment with a home birth practice near my home. We were both very excited about a home birth and knew it was the best choice for our family. However, after a few appointments, neither my husband nor I felt overly comfortable with the provider we had selected.

After talking with my doula and getting her insight and advice, I decided to reach out to Victoria to see if she was still accepting clients around the time I was due. I was nervous for my first appointment. We really wanted to find a care provider that we felt confident with to deliver our baby. My husband and I felt so comfortable with Victoria right away. I truly enjoyed and looked forward to each of my appointments with her, something I never experienced in my prenatal care with Hannah.

Victoria is so knowledgable and thorough. I always felt like she did everything she could do ensure a healthy pregnancy by educating us along the way. I quickly trusted her and her expertise and I knew she was the perfect fit for our family.

I truly appreciated the holistic approach to my care. It’s not just a physical experience, but very much a mental and emotional experience as well. While I was asked about how I was feeling physically, we talked just as much if not more about how I was feeling mentally and emotionally. It really is all connected. We talked about our fears surrounding the home birth as well as the excitement as we got closer to the delivery date.

When I started to have signs that labor was impending, we let Victoria know right away. Although we were all very excited, I was so calm and peaceful. We all treated it exactly like what it was, a very natural event that didn’t need to be dramatic.

Our sweet little Hayley was born in the water in our bedroom and handed to me by Victoria. There was no crazy running around, no people yelling at me to bear down and push, no bright lights or any other craziness. It was just me, my husband, our doula, Victoria and our birth assistant patiently waiting to assist us with the birth. I remember every detail of that day and relive it often.

If we are blessed with more children, I cannot imagine bringing them into this world with anyone other than Victoria and Carmel Midwifery.

The entire experience, from our first appointment at 20 weeks to our last appointment 6 weeks postpartum, was amazing.

I would and have recommended Carmel Midwifery to anyone I know and anyone I don’t. ? It was an experience that I will truly be grateful for my entire life.

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