At Carmel Midwifery and Women’s Health, we appreciate the importance of the well woman exam. Too often the annual well woman exam is reduced to just a breast and pelvic exam, but surely a well woman is so much more than this!

At Carmel Midwifery, the well woman exam visit is scheduled for sixty minutes. While the physical exam and collection of a pap smear (if indicated) is a component of this visit, we are able to cover much more!

A comprehensive well woman exam includes a conversation about nutrition and exercise. Is the woman happy with her current plan? Does she need a referral to a dietician? Does she need help with goal setting?

We discuss family planning. Is the woman planning pregnancy? Great – we discuss healthy living for preconception. Is she using a natural family planning method or does she desire contraception? We can discuss all options and prescribe her desired method.

Sex! Sexual satisfaction is an important aspect of the overall health of the well woman. Is the woman satisfied in her relationship(s)? Does she have any pain or discomfort during sex? How is her libido? Is this satisfactory for her? What are her risks for sexually transmitted infections? We can order testing as needed or desired.

Does the woman feel safe in her home, her community, in her relationships? Is she emotionally well?

Is she experiencing depression or anxiety?

How does she feel she is coping in her day to day life?

We love that practicing in the midwifery and wellness models of care allow us to provide exceptional service to our clients. We understand the well woman is so much more than her physical body, and we appreciate our unique opportunity to create a much more personal and personalized relationship with each individual client.

by Angela Lyttle, CNM

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