After loads of prodromal labor and thinking it was time, I started to feel really hot and weak Thursday evening. I laid down for a bit and started having some mild contractions. By bedtime, they had fizzled out (again), so I went to bed. I had an inkling labor was coming but didn’t want to get excited just in case.
Well I woke up around 2:30am and immediately knew it was time. I waited through a couple contractions and decided it was time to wake up Harrison and my mom and call the midwife. Harrison got up and called my brother to come watch the other kids. By that time it was after 3. My brother arrived and we got ready to leave. Car contractions are the worst, but I only had three before arriving at the birth center. Thankfully it’s a short drive!
We got inside about 4:00am and things started to move quickly. Baby girl was partially posterior, so I had some serious back labor. I thought it was way too soon for transition, so I started to freak out about her being in my back because I was sure there were hours of labor left. Had I known I would have about four contractions that way, I think I would have been more calm. At one point I started crying and said, “I’m crying but this can’t be transition! But why am I crying??” This is your friendly reminder to take it one contraction at a time during labor. Don’t try to look ahead. Looking ahead will make you yell mean things at your husband who is trying to do counter pressure. 😂 And if you’re crying and emotional, it’s probably transition.
A few minutes later, I felt Raelynn coming and slowed her down a bit. I realized I was through the hardest part and could relax a bit. It wouldn’t be hours of back labor. I was almost done. Before I knew it, I was pulling my baby out of the water and onto my chest. She was born at 5:29am, after a fast and somewhat furious labor.

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