It is a hardship to know where to start for a review when our experience with Sacred Roots was beyond phenomenal! From the moment my husband and I decided to pursue welcoming our daughter at Sacred Roots, we felt cared for and welcomed. Each appointment felt like I was connecting with people that genuinely cared for me and my baby, their care was unparalleled to what I received prior. The series of classes were so informative (even as a second time Mama) and Lisa made each one feel like we were chatting with a well-educated friend. 

Our birth experience couldn’t have went better. From the moment my water broke and I called Sacred Roots, to the time we welcomed our daughter, I felt supported and cared for. The time they took to build a relationship with me prior to labor and delivery made the experience so much more. I was genuinely elated to see Megan & Lisa, and felt so appreciative they would be part of our birth. Giving birth in the birthing center was amazing. It was safe, clean and comfortable. It was private and provided a space that felt centered around me, my husband and our new baby. It was so empowering and even a week later we still find ourselves in awe of our experience. Even the aftercare post delivery with Lisa felt so empowering. Having her beside me as I took that first trip to the bathroom felt so comforting, I could have wept with tears at how cared for she made me feel. 

The entire experience was so positive. We couldn’t be more thankful for the care we received and the incredible midwives, nurses and staff. If a birth center is the environment you’d like to welcome your baby in then the team at Sacred Roots is absolutely the best option!

It’s worth mentioning given the circumstances, the midwives and staff went to great lengths to adapt their services during the COVID pandemic without losing their positive and professional care

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