Sacred Roots Midwifery, LLC provides exceptional nurse-midwifery care supporting women and their families towards optimal health and empowered birth in central Indiana’s only free-standing birth center.



Sacred Roots Midwifery, LLC provides exceptional, personalized, woman and family-centered care to a large and diverse clientele in central Indiana. Recognized for providing the highest quality of safe and individualized care, SRM fosters a community of cooperation and collaboration across health care systems. SRM is a central hub for women and their families to access pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and holistic women’s health care education, support, and services.

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Sacred Roots believes that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural processes rather than medical events. We believe that home and birth center birth are safe, holistic options for healthy, low risk women and their newborns when attended by a skilled provider.

  • We believe in empowering the women we serve to take the primary role as decision makers for the health care needs of their families.

  • We believe in evidence based practice and provide our clients with the latest scientific evidence to support an informed choice.

  • We believe that minimal or no intervention is optimal care for low risk women who have no complications.

  • We believe that the nurse-midwife’s role is one of health partner, guide, and guardian of normal life processes including pregnancy and birth. A nurse-midwife is a master’s level Advanced Practice Nurse who is a safe, skilled practitioner of women’s health care and has easy access to the medical community for consultation, referral, or transfer of care as needed.

  • We believe that when women are empowered to make informed decisions in their health care they then empower their children and partners which leads to improvement of the health and wellbeing of the family and community. We believe this can start with the education, care, and advocacy provided by their nurse-midwives.

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