Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a birth center?

Birth centers provide family-centered care for healthy women before, during, and after normal pregnancy, labor, and birth. A birth center is a home-like facility, existing within a healthcare system with a program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth. Birth centers are guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention, and cost effectiveness.

How do I know a birth center is right for me?

The majority of women are good candidates for a birth center birth. Women who choose birth center care are committed to maintaining optimum health and well-being during their pregnancies and birthing naturally. These women desire shared decision making with their provider.

Women choosing a birth center birth understand that in most cases, minimal medical intervention is safest for both mother and baby, and in fact support and patience are often all that are needed as she births her baby. Sometimes, however, pregnancy and birth are unpredictable and intervention may be necessary to ensure the best possible healthy outcome. In such a situation, since a trusting and respectful relationship has been established between the family and the midwives, a discussion of risks, benefits and alternatives occurs with ample time for questions. Then, even if the birth doesn’t go as expected, the family feels comfortable with the plan of care, and the midwife continues to be present and supportive during the entire process.

How does midwifery care differ?

Midwifery care is provided by professionally trained midwives who practice a wellness and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and women’s health care. Midwifery care focuses on the promotion of health, development of individual responsibility in health care, and shared decision making.

When you decide to visit a midwife, you will receive a special level of care that is not always present in other health care settings. Midwives believe that childbearing is normal and that you and your family should create the birth experience that will be meaningful to you. Midwifery honors and respects the wisdom and dignity of all women and the sacredness of pregnancy and birth. Midwives often spend extra time with you during your appointment, listening to your concerns, addressing (or treating) problems. They may provide education, suggest resources, or refer you to additional health care providers if needed. Your midwife strives to be your partner in care, not just your provider of care. Midwifery is a collaborative practice that involves women, families, midwives, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, and other specialists as needed.

What services do you provide?

We see women throughout the life cycle, from the onset of menstruation through and beyond menopause. We provide maternity care, preconception counseling, infertility care, contraceptive counseling, well woman care, menopause care, and more! Read more here.

Do you accept insurance?

Navigating insurance benefits and reimbursements can be difficult. There are many insurance companies and each has its own requirements and regulations. After registering for care, an Explanation of Benefits will be completed to better understand the benefits offered by the insurance plan. The information received in the Explanation of Benefits is for insurance verification purposes and should not be considered a guarantee of coverage. It is the client’s responsibility to understand her insurance policy and benefits.

How does billing and payment work?

After the Explanation of Benefits has been received, our billing coordinator will review the estimated out of pocket expenses. Billing and payment options based on these estimated expenses will be reviewed at the initial visit.

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